Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Twilighters Love to Ask the Craziest Questions

This is one of the best Twilight Tuesdays thus far because we get to hear from all our favorites - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Cam Gigandet, Michael Welch, Nikki Reed, Kellan "Kittlez" Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, and even Anna Kendrick and Christian Serratos. Whoo! They answer in their own charming and absolutely hilarious ways the various burning questions that Twilight fans love to ask out of the blue. I would like to know, however, exactly what a Chilean kiss is, Mr. Spunk Ransom? I'm sure we would have all laughed if we had gotten it that joke. I laughed even when I didn't because you're that knee-slappin' humorous. Anyone else officially voting the Twilight cast as the number one most amazing cast ever? =)

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Sally said...

Are you the one that started this blog?
Did you post the clips from the behind scenes of the movie?
How FUN!!!
I really appreciated seeing them!
I just finished the fourth book and I am trying to find a life after "Twighlight". All I can do with myself is look for more stuff about the movies!!!
I liked the first movie ok, but not great. The thing that made me really mad was that they vampires hissed and growled all through the book and they never growled once.
I imagined a growl just like Tarzan in
Greystoke. He sounds like a real mountain lion, and it's Edwards favorite animial !!! haha

Anyway, thanks for posting.