Sunday, October 26, 2008

TV Spot Number Two!

Ow, ow! You work it, K-Stew! Oh man, oh man. Besides the cheesy and overly manly voice talking about vampires living among us peacefully and thirsting for our blood, that was thirty seconds of pure Twilightosity (that should be in the dictionary, it really should). And that kissing scene? Shee-oot! You can always count on Hollywood to flash the panties. :P

My only question...When, oh, when are we going to see these amazing things on the TV?!


Sarah said...

Ok, WhHoOaA! i don't remember them making out in her underwear in the book! lololol

Anonymous said...

Whoa! They traded her holey t-shirt & gray sweatpants for sexy boxer pajamas, lol.

Twilighter said...

Hahaha, I know! XD