Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Rob, You're Big But I Don't Know Who You Are"

I found this on Robert Pattinson Daily and just thought it was very entertaining:

Yeah, he's hot, lady. Did you just realize this? ;)


Heather said...

That woman and the camera man are douche bags. I understand that you might not know who he is yet (because his too biggest films in the U.S. have been targeted at children/teens), but don't acknowledge your idiocy about the cultural phenomena of Harry Potter and Twilight and try to make it seem like it's the actor's fault that you don't know him. Seriously, if your business is to cover celebrities, you should be relatively tapped into what's going on TV/Music/Movie-wise, and you're a total idiot if you've never heard of Twilight or Robert Pattinson (there's just too much media coverage of this to be able to consider yourself uninformed).

Rant over.

Twilighter said...

Douche bags.
My thoughts exactly.
She kept saying "Like, I dunno who he is you guys, but he's like super hot. I'm telling you. He's hot." It's like, okay. But there's an enormous amount of talent behind the face that you are failing to acknowledge.

Twilighter said...

are they like... sheltered.
How have they NOT heard about him!?? lol

p.s.- obama? really? Im not trying to be mean or anything... its your choice. I actually hate politics lol. I guess i just get a bad vibe from obama.

Twilighter said...

I know, right?!

Of course, of course. Each to their own. I love politics, hehe.