Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please Forgive My Lack of Twilightness!

My sincerest apologies - this is my first post in three days. Three days with no Twilight! Oh, the horror! I have a valid excuse, however, and that excuse is life. Period. Life just gets in the way of everything, doesn't it? Basically, my days consist of waking up at 6:30 a.m., scrounging for breakfast, catching the disgusting bus to school, sitting on my butt for six hours, then either going to straight to driver's ed for another two hours of laziness or spending an hour freaking out behind the wheel of a vehicle. After that's all taken care of, I finally go home, sit my butt on the couch, and spend more time than what is considered legal doing homework. Then I take a shower - my fifteen minutes of relaxation - and go to bed. Then the process starts ALL over again...
Anyway, come the weekend (*singing angels*), I will be SLIGHTLY less busy, and thus I will probably be able to squeeze in a few wonderful Twilight posts. Until then, please don't send the Volturi after me. Because then I would fail diver's ed and wouldn't be able to get my license and that would result in a waste of sixe hours each week that I could otherwise spend BEING A TWILIGHTER. Grr.
By the way, was anyone else watching Palin get slaughtered by B- er, I mean, the vice presidential debate while they were supposed to be factoring polynomials? ;)

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