Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Exlcusive Twilight Stills Galore!

Oh my Edward. Coming home from school and being overwhelmbed by all these wonderful new photos from Twilight was the best thing ever. Or, one of the best things ever, anyway. I have to post all of them because they are so gorgeous and exhilarating:

AHHHHHHHHYYYEEEEEEWHOOOO (that's not the sound I actually made when I saw these pictures, just to let you know ;D) Robert Pattinson is so sexy that it's blinding. My eyes melted off my face and now they are puddles on my carpet thanks to that man. Sheesh. He belongs somewhere up in heaven, not down here among mere mortals (though I'm glad he is here and not up there). He's worth losing my eyes over. Guh, when the movie comes along, it is going to be eye-candy fest. I feel sorry for those who have to clean up afterward, what with all the melted eyeballs everywhere. Maybe they'll get paid double...

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Anonymous said...

I no wat u mean. he is sssssooooo hot!!!!I wonder if he has a younger brother??????!!!!!!!!