Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Beautiful Twilight Stills

Gah! Aren't they lovely? Is it me or is actual food entering the vampires' mouths in that second photo? Maybe they're just pretending, you know, to blend in. Jackson doesn't actually have food in his mouth, he's just chewing air. They are actors, after all. And that last picture has to be the Port Angeles scene. That restaurant looks super funky - I love it. The poster displaying body parts and the sparkling turquoise curtains make me want to go eat there when I get a vampire boyfriend. =D
Recent Edit: Hehe, people are flipping over the restaurant picture. "Ohmygawd, that's not an Italian restaurant! Ong, they should be sitting at a booth! Zomg, why does Bella have her jacket? WTF is up with that waitress's hair?
Weird. I like it. I think it'll be way fun to see what's going to happen there. Obviously these people can't include every darn detail that us Twilighters obsess over. They're going to twist certain parts to fit their interpretations because, after all, the makers of this flick are humans and not every human can have a mind just like Stephenie Meyer. Plus, as I've said countless times before, a direct copy of the book would be a bit boring. How many of you have read Twilight one, two, or maybe three dozen times and committed the story to memory? Come on, everybody should raise their hand. *raises hand* Now how much fun would it be if we knew exactly what we were going to see on the screen come November 21st? Catherine Hardwicke appeared to have kept most things very close to the book we hold dear to our hearts, and I'm happy about that. The changes are fun for me, but maybe that's just my liberal nature...;)

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Heather said...

That's a pretty good point... them changing up some things would make it more interesting to watch; otherwise, why would you bother seeing it if you've pictured every single detail in your head already?