Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Few New Twilight Photos I Forgot!

These ones are images from behind the scenes:

Even when he's staring down at the desk, doing absolutely nothing special, most likely unaware that the camera is even on him, he's still - okay, I'm about to enter my fangirl with issues mode, here - SO FLIPPING HOT. Man. If I could just reach through the screen, into one of the photos, and just pluck him out...


Heather said...

Two things...

1. Thanks for the pictures.
2. I appreciate that you change up your layout from time to time, but your current banner made me giggle because it looks like you've dressed Robert/Edward in one of Cliff Huxtable's sweaters. (That's a reference to the Cosby Show... did you ever watch that or am I like 1 million years old?)

Twilighter said...

No, I actually never watched that show.
But, um, now that you mention it, yeah I was totally trying to go for that look. You know...Edward, Cliff Huxtable...they're practically related.