Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do You Think Twilight the Movie Will Capture the Book's Essence?

September's poll basically asked visitors if Twilight the Movie will capture the overall feel that Stephenie Meyer was aiming for in her novels with a few fresh twists or if it will be a horrible spin-off that acts like the book never existed. The results?

Do you think Twilight the Movie will capture the book's essence?
Definitely! - 108
A bit. - 45
No, not at all! - 22
I'll have to wait and see... - 73

It's nice to know that the majority of Twilighters out there have at least a bit of faith in Catherine Hardwicke and all those hard-working actors. I know I do. I think I voted "definitely!" because I was feeling optimistic that day or something, but I'm stuck between that one, "I'll have to wait and see", and "a bit." From the clips and trailers I've seen so far, I personally think it's safe to say that the film's creators were definitely trying their hardest to transmit that Twilighty atmosphere to the big screen and they have suceeded to an extent. Of course, I'll reserve all judgement for when I'm sitting on the egde of my seat in the theater, but I'm confident. As for any changes that have been made - those make it even more exciting. As long as they stick to the book's plot for the most part, capture those key elements and emotions between Bella and Edward, and then add their own sparks of creativity and interpretations, I think the movie will be a hit.

My next poll is,
Robert Pattinson...
He's as Edward as they get!
He'll always just be a lame wizard!


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