Sunday, October 19, 2008

Curiosity Killed the Cat

If that cat was a Twilighter.
Like me.
And if that cat got so wrapped up in curiosity and desire that he...or maybe she...hastily went on to Stephenie Meyer's site and read the twelve leaked chapters of Midnight Sun before she could stop herself.
Hypothetically, of course.
And then, hypothetically, she thought they were some of the most beautiful things ever created by man - or in Stephenie Meyer's case, god - and she was left on her knees begging for more.
When she was finished and slightly less overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of what she had just read, the cat felt a sharp pang of guilt. She had promised, after all, that she wouldn't read them. Stephenie Meyer had not wanted her fans to read the chapters this way.
Some promises just aren't meant to be kept.
The cat realized in that instance that she was not dishonoring her favorite author. She was not disrespecting her or ruining the good (if slightly crazy) name of Twilighters everywhere. Stephenie had posted them up there herself for the world to see. It was the utmost flattery, really, the unyeilding urge to read someone's work out of the pure confidence that it will be the best thing ever written - regardless of whether they were unclean drafts, still in the works.
The cat was still horribly angry at the fact that someone who had once been trusted had so severely violated Stephenie Meyer and that she was so distressed once she found out about the leak. Edward and Bella were put together from scraps of her own being, her own heart, her own soul.
Now, she didn't want to sound callous in any way, but the cat couldn't help thinking - and we're still talking hypothetical here, mind you - Stephenie Meyer NEEDS to write this book.
It was true. A bit selfish, perhaps, but true all the same. If Stephenie Meyer slapped a helmet on her head and continued writing what would surely be one of the best books in history, everyone would buy it. Those who had an impossible amount of self-control would buy it. And yes, those who were like that curious, curious cat would buy it, too. Because, after reading those chapters, the curious cat felt beyond unsatisfied. Much of Edward's intriguing feelings and thoughts were still left as unsolved mysteries. His perspective was beautiful, loving, dark, intense, and wrought with desire that transmitted itself to the reader at once. By the heart-breaking end, the cat never wanted Edward to stop telling his tale. Yet he did, leaving so much more to be discovered.
And then the cat died.
Because she realized that those undiscovered workings of Edward's mind may never, ever be discovered.
Half a story - it's just not possible to have half a story. When the cat read that half a story, she was left wishing it had either been finished or not started at all. There is no in between.
And that, my friends, is how curiosity truly did kill the cat.
The Twilight cat.


Frenzied Feline said...

I couldn't have said it better!

I'm hoping that since SM didn't want her fans to read it this way, that she'll give us the legit way.

Curiosity killed this cat, too.

Twilighter said...

I really hope so, too. It seems only fair to herself and her characters as well as her fans.
Poor kitties. =P

Elizabeth said...

Completely true. I read all 12 chapters in one sitting, mesmerized by the writing and a true glimpse into Edwards psyche. I hope (really really hope) Stephanie decides to continue writing Midnight Sun...there is not a doubt in my mind I would buy the book and for all my friends who are Twilight fans.