Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alert the Media!


Well, psh, I'm not waiting for you to guess.

I saw one of the Twilight trailers on the actual television! A pixelated replica of Robert's godlike face was mere feet from my own, can you believe it!?

It went a little something like this:

Dad: *watching the Daily Show late at night* It's the Twilight trailerrrr!
Me: *half unconscious in my bed* Whaaaaa?
Dad: Twilight trailer!
Me: OMG!
Me: sgdhfdhdgfsgdf Twiilliiighhhttt dfh%$^ghfddasf
Mom: *upstairs rolling her eyes*

And, and, and it was so epic. I can't wait until I see it again. I watch a lot of TV, so I shouldn't have to wait too long. 8D


Heather said...

I saw it for the first time last night on Stylista (the new reality show on the CW, which is interesting, by the way). My sister was like, "Hey, it's the Twilight movie," (she had to tell me because we mute the TV during commercials to read out books... the height of multi-tasking) and I was like, "Whatever." I'm totally trying to look cool in front of my family while internally thinking, "Wow, it's really real. It's not something imaginary out in internet land. It's really coming to theatres soon. Yeah!!"

Twilighter said...

I don't even try to act cool anymore.