Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Twilight Takes Over School, Too

I absolutely love this question asked by those lovely Twilighters over at Novel Novice:

So for the question of the week I am asking everyone if something Twilight related has popped up in any of your school classes! Give us a short story of how it went down. It doesn’t have to have Twilight plastered on it-just something that reminds you of Twilight.

Actually, there have been many occasions for me in which I was drooling in a half-conscious slouch at my desk when suddenly a single word tumbled from the teacher's mouth and I sat bolt-right with the urge to shout, "OMG TWILIGHT". I can only remember one instance as of right now - besides my friends walking into French class with their faces buried in Twilight and thus causing an animated discussion about whether Robert Pattinson is the right choice for Edward. Can you believe that about three people responded with "Ew, no!" At least I have one pal to gush over him with.
Anyway, the particular Twilight event in my school that I have to talk about happened just this afternoon. My friend in art class has just fallen into the irresistable clutches of the Twilight mania, and has read three of the books within a span of a few days (I'm bringing Breaking Dawn to her tomorrow after she pleaded me for it, saying she was so excited to read it). We were babbling in front of her bored boyfriend about our love for Edward, if Bella gets turned into a vampire, love triangles, and the epic film. We paused for a moment to pacify our irritated teacher by actually working on art, and all of a sudden some person said the name "Edward" behind me. It's funny because I wasn't even concentrating in the least on their conversation, but then "Edward" rang loud and clear as if they'd been talking directly to me, as if it was the only world anyone had ever spoken. I think I sort of let out a little gasp that alarmed those sitting cluelessly in my vicinity and listened for those behind me to start talking about Twilight. But they didn't. They went off on how this one guy said hi to this one girl at lunch. I was like "well, huh." And for the rest of that day, I thought about Edward. I just love being able to tune out that persistent school drama with daydreams of sparkling vampires. Shelly did what? Adam, who? Sorry, I was thinking about Edward Cullen. Hot? Well, yeah. No, he's not real, silly. But I wish.

Anyway, this whole Twilight in the real world thing has inspired me to write in this blog about every encounter I have in my life with things that set off the Twilight alarm in my head. Cars, signs, books, you name it. If I go "OMG TWILIGHT", then I'm documenting it.

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Anonymous said...

yeah that happened to me at college, i was sat day dreaming in my art lesson, when all of a sudden the teacher shouted the name Alice Cullen from the register :D, who i am now friends with is the same to the describition of Alice in the book. spooky