Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twilight is Everywhere I Go!

I assure you, the title isn't just to exaggerate my point - I seriously think some sort of Twilight entity is constantly sitting atop my shoulder and whispering things in my ear so that everything I hear reminds me of Twilight. Case and point:
My art teacher likes to put on classical music to soothe us and help our creativity flow - or maybe he just enjoys it and didn't even count his students into consideration. Either way, today in art class the song Lullaby by Billy Joel, one of those on Stephenie Meyer's playlist, came on. I stopped my doodling, straightened up, and went "Hey, I know this song." It took me practically the rest of those 55 minutes to recall where I'd heard it, but when the light bulb did finally ding, it was certainly an "OMG TWILIGHT!" moment.
My second, that's right, second Twilight experience of the day was at driver's ed. Of all places! The teacher was rambling on about the different driver education schools in different areas when out of the blue, he mentioned Forks. Believe it or not, he even called it an eerie place and then told us that one the other instructors was actually born in Forks. "OMG TWILIGHT!" Shortly there after I began to wonder if this other instructor was a vampire, or if he knew any vampire covens. Okay, maybe I didn't go that far, but it still launched me into Twilight-related daydreams from then on.
Speaking of education and cars, I have my first drive tomorrow evening. Eeep! Wish me luck.

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