Monday, September 29, 2008

Twilight Inspired

Right off the bat, I'd like to apologize for my lack of updates. Life's never been busier.
But even with school, driver's ed, and moutains of homework all in one day, Twilight never ceases to slither it's way into my life. Like, for instance, on Saturday when I had three Twilight encounters.
The first was on the way to my friend's house. I was flipping lazily through the radio stations when I recognized the killer music to Muse's Supermassive Blackhole. If you didn't know already, that song is one that's supposedly going to be in the movie's soundtrack. So of course when I heard it, I had to leave it on and crank up the sound a bit. I'd never heard it on the radio before and I absolutely love the song, so that was pretty awesome.
Then on my way back from a dress shopping extravaganza (I got a gorgeous purple dress for Homecoming, by the way), my mom told me some amazing news regarding the tiny gift shop downtown that we love. Can you guess what that exciting news is? THEY'RE GOING TO CARRY TWILIGHT STUFF~! My mom talked to the lady who owns the shop and she said that as long as you title it Twilight Inspired you can make and sell all sorts of charming Twilight knick-knacks. My mom was amazing and bought me a little wooden Twilight sign that I now have hanging proudly on my wall. The cashier also made me a copy of a Twilight card from Forks (which is getting a TON of tourism now). Then my mom started going into various money-making schemes that involved me creating Twilight inspired cards to sell on eBay. (But that's a different story for a different time.)
Saturday night at the fair concluded my Twilight-packed weekend. My dad and brother were doing a fencing demonstration, so my mom and I were dragged to the fair and forced to feign interest on haystacks that were supposed to suffice as chairs (fencing is a really cool sport, though). ANYWAY, so my mom nudged me, pointed at one of the other fencers, and asked, "Is that girl wearing a Twilight shirt?!" Turns out she was sporting black Team Edward T-shirt. If I wasn't an extremely shy person by nature, I probably would have run up to her and shouted "GO TEAM EDWARD, YEAH YEAH!"
And just as you're thinking when will the Twilightness end?, today in art class (that's where all the school Twilight action happens) my friend's boyfriend was wearing a Twilight shirt. That's right, boyfriend. He's been reading the books and he loves them. He got himself and my friend Twilight shirts for their some-number-anniversary. She pulled hers out in art to show off to me and then some girl behind us was like "Omigosh, is that from Twilight?!" It's everywhere people, I swear. I'll bet five hundred bucks that at least four in ten people have heard of Twilight and/or are obsessed with it. Probably more.
Oh, and then I have a funny story. Actually, it's my friend's appalling story that turned into a funny one. So, maybe two weeks ago, I let her borrow Breaking Dawn so that she could graduate to an official Twilighter. She went on vacation to Colorado this last weekend, and guess what happened? She LOST BREAKING DAWN. When she timidly spilled the news to me, my eyes must have widened to the size of dinner plates because she quickly told me not to flip out. She had decided to be a total sweetheart and buy me a new one. It was even hardcover. I bet I would never have noticed if she hadn't told me. When I could safely breath and laugh it off, I asked her how she'd lost it. Her answer: she'd left it on the plane. Wonderful. But heck, maybe the flight attendant found it, started reading it, and joined in the Twilight mania. Then my friend and I would be inadvertently responsible for converting an ordinary citizen into a Twilighter. Brownie points for us! =D

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