Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tentatively Titled "Going All the Way (Into the Twilight)"

Guess what Fanpires? We've got more news on Twilight's killer soundtrack! Is anyone else loving the constant stream of teasing information that borders on the line of rumor? I know I am. Anyway, the newest newsflash is that a singer I've never heard of named Perry Farrell will be writing a "crucial" song for Twilight the Movie:

In the meantime, though, Farrell has another huge gig coming up, and Vulture has the exclusive: He's writing a crucial song for Twilight, the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's mega-selling young-adult vampire saga, due on November 21. The track is tentatively titled "Going All The Way (Into the Twilight)" and will be a Farrell solo venture produced by Atticus Ross and mixed by Alan Moulder. "I don't like to write albums anymore, because I have enough material in my life," Farrell told us. "I mean, I used to work on a record for, like, three and a half years and then people would only listen to or play two songs. I'd go, 'What happened to the other eleven songs?' So now I go, 'Here's one, here's one, here's one,' and they love them all."

I've never heard this guy sing, but I'll tell you one thing: he looks crazy. I love it.

Recent Edit: I couldn't avoid the curiosity and so I went on iTunes and listened to this Perry Farrell character sing, as well as some stuff by his former band, Jane's Addiction. He actually doesn't sound half bad. In fact, I like him. He's definitely got a different style and I think with just a bit of tweaking in the music and feel of his voice, it could totally work for Twilight. This movie is great because a handfull of unknowns will have their chance to really shine.


Heather said...

I don't think that Perry Ferrell would be considered an "unknown," seeing as how Jane's Addiction was HUGE in the 90's. However, I think you're right in that this soundtrack could be a great vehicle to open up a lot of people to music they've never experienced before.

Twilighter said...

I guess just because he's unknown to me doesn't mean he's unknown to everyone, huh? =P I guess maybe what I meant is that he's less known to us teenagers.