Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spider Monkey: By Robert Pattinson

Rosenberg: Well, I can tell you this: "Spider monkey," I believe, comes from Rob Pattinson. I didn't actually write "spider monkey."

MTV: Really? Because the fans already love that line in the clips we've seen when Edward tells Bella, "You better hold on tight, spider monkey!"

Rosenberg: That was an improv.

Oh my Edward, oh my Edward. Am I the only one getting excited chills running up my spine and the urge to bounce up and down at the speed of light in my chair after hearing Melissa Rosenburg talk? I'm going to assume that the rest of the Twilight population is getting the same feeling. It's clear as crystal that this women understands the core of what makes Twilight so appealing to us - that's what gets me most delighted. When she talks, you just know that she understands the most crucial aspects of Twilight and from the scenes she's described so far, I think it's safe to say that she is taking those aspects right from the book and plopping some exciting new twists in as well. I mean, face it, the movie wouldn't hold as much of a sense of "oh my god I must see this" eagerness if I knew they were creating an exact copy of Stephenie's writing. The perspectives of the real people involved and their passion to bring certain things to life in their own creative way will be SO darn exciting to see. As for that protion of the interview's transcript that I just had to include - Spunk Ransom, you are a GENIUS. Genius, I say! When on earth (and perhaps Pluto, even) would a person make up a line like "You better hold on tight, spider monkey!" when asked to make something up on the spot? I think Mr. Pattinson is the only man who could conjure up something as witty (and original) as that.

To wrap it all up: I'm more excited for this flick than ever. Bring it on. And soon. Please.

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