Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Oh My God, You're Cedric!" to "Oh My God, it's Edward!"

Along with this (omflippingoshheartmeltingdelicious) picture, Interview Magazine did a, you guessed it - interview with the wonderful, talented, and joker of a man, Robert Pattinson.

Alert the tabloids: Harry Potter actor linked to drug house! Twenty-two-year-old Robert Pattinson fondly recalls his time living in a “cool little ex-crack den” in London with best friend Tom Sturridge. He’s joking (we think) about their bad behavior as struggling young actors. “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night,” Pattinson admits. “I don’t know if that counts as ’struggling.’” After the debauchery ended, Pattinson co-starred as Cedric Diggory in two Harry Potter movies. A former child model–he posed professionally from ages 12 to 15 (”when I stopped looking like a girl”)–Pattinson has been dubbed “the next Jude Law” in the British press. “I don’t really see the similarity,” he says. One opportunity to break out comes via next year’s Little Ashes, a Spanish drama in which Pattinson stars as the young Salvador Dali. But first, there’s the vampire thriller Twilight, based on the popular teen books, in which Pattinson plays Edward, a 108-year-old bloodsucker in love with a high school girl. Horror fans are already stalking him. “It’s funny,” Pattinson says, “because teenage girls would say,’ Oh my God, you’re Cedric!’ It switched in a week to ‘Oh, my God, it’s Edward!’ Allegiances change to freely in the teen-girl world.”

Haha, let's hope that boy is joking. Although I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he wasn't. There's Tom Sturridge again. Seriously, I think Tom is Robert's gruffier and slightly less good-looking shadow, because it seems wherever Rob goes, Tom follows. Or maybe Rob is Mary and Tom is her little lamb.
GOODNESS. When I saw that picture my eyes went as wide as dinner plates and I think my heart jumped out of my chest and flopped onto my keyboard. The ever so pressing question of whether Robert wears boxers or briefs appears to have been answered. afsshddsghgahhfdyh. I can't really think of anthing else to say. It's Hot, hot, hot. Robert Pattinson, I love you. I'm not afraid to admit it and neither is three quarters of your enlarging fandom.

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