Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking Forward to Some Jacob Action

Though I would most certainly position myself on the "I love Edward!" side of the line, I still gotta have those moments of Jacob fondness. That's what led me to want to answer this question from Novel Novice:

What Jacob scene are you most looking forward to seeing if they make New Moon into a film?

If? You mean when! Yes, when they make New Moon into a film there are several Jacob scenes that will have me sitting on the edge of my seat (or perhaps falling all the way off).
A random fact about me: I can never chose just one of something. Sorry.
So that's why I say several scenes.
The first is when Bella and Jacob are hanging out in the shed amongst the scattered bits and pieces of automobile with their warm sodas from a paper bag. It's just a sweet, wonderful, innocent moment. And then I love it when Quil and Embry show up and their eyes pop out of their sockets at the sight of a cute girl. Then they start flirting. Gah, that part just makes me grin.
Another, certainly darker scene that I'm really looking to forward to experiencing on the big screen is when Bella does her little "stunt" off the cliff. It will be awe to the some to see how they do that. And then when she sees and hears her Edward as she's been thrown around by the wild blue current. Then Jacob comes to her rescue. Amazing stuff for the camera.
And last of all, I'm excited for the part in which Jacob comes leaping with an unfamiliar agility through Bella's window and tries to tell her but not tell her about how he's a werewolf. That scene has just always been fascinating to me. On the one hand, Jacob's being a total @#$munch with his newfound wolf temper. But then on the other hand, it's clear how much he cares about Bella. He went against Sam's orders and came to her personally to help her understand, to save their friendship. And I think there were certain times throughout that scene when Jacob's rigid facade cracked and we were able to see the innocent, lost boy who loved Bella with all his heart.

Now, on the subject of New Moon and cool scenes, I just have to throw in another bit that I will be eager to watch. It doesn't have Jacob in it, that's why it's seperate. But I've always had such a vivid picture painted in my imagination of the whole Italy extravaganza. Especially when Bella stops Edward from his dramatic step out into the sunrays. And especially, especially the gathering of the Volturi when they negotiate Alice, Edward, and Bella's release. Oh, and of course, sports cars and one that Alice stole there. ;D

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