Sunday, September 7, 2008

Le Twilight Cast at MTV's VMAs

So I didn't watch the awards tonight for several reasons (and they are valid...for the most part)
1. They suck.
2. Homework is a female dog.
3. A ninja jumped through my living room window and karate chopped my television set in half. Not like it was the prettiest TV in the world, anyway.
It would have been nice to see the stars of Twilight in all their glory, but according to some vexed fans over at MTV, I should be sort of glad I missed them. Why?
But of course, now that makes me beyond curious. I hope MTV or Youtube or someone recorded that part of the show so I can see this Russell Brand moron and give him a piece of my mind. ;P
Read MTV's blog post asking fans to express their honest emotions right here. Be warned, the place is blazing with cries of injustice.

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