Monday, September 8, 2008

It's All About the Video Music Awards

See more of the stunning photos of Robert, Kristen, Cam, and Taylor at His Golden Eyes here. Gah, they all look so dashing. Rob's hair looks shorter. It's lovely. Lookie, lookie, ladies, he's a clean shaven man. ;) Kristen looks beautiful. Her dress is different and I think she looks radiant in it. Cam was the one wearing plaid this time, folks! But, hey, he pulls it off nicely. Taylor looks surprisingly sharp and mature despite him being the youngin'.

Here are some spiffy video clips from the awards. This first one is a charming little interview with Robert Pattinson wherein he discusses his songs for the Twilight movie:

And the second one here documents the infmaous Robert and Russell incident (A.K.A the Twilight cast presenting the award and Russell Brand foolishly interrupting what Robert Pattinson was about to say in his silky British accent):

Hehe, I love the "oh my goooosh" in the background. ;D
Credit: twilightmaniac1901

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