Friday, September 19, 2008

Italy: Soccer, Pizza, and...Twilight?

I thought these were molto splendido because I am italiano! (No, I don't really know the language but I want to learn really badly.) Whenever my family decides to go on another vacation to magical far away places (Ireland was our previous and only other) or whenever I'm able to rack up enough money on my own, Rome here I come! Italian, beautiful pictures, Twilight - what's not to love about these posters?


mimi said...

since i know spanish i was able to guess the 3 phrases on the posters but im not as sure on the first:
1."and if you weren't the superhero?would you be the villain?"
2."3 things i was completely sure of:first,edward was a vamp.,second,a part of him... wanted my blood,and third iam completly,& unconditionaly in love with him"
3."i don't understand the obssesion between vamps. & humans"

Twilighter said...

You're basically right! Those are the official movie phrases, or whatever. ;D