Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It Was An Accident

I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there: all that flying fury about Robert Pattinson being cut off by Russell Brand at the VMAs is stupid.
Nonetheless, I like Rob, I like vidoes, I like pictures, I like videos and pictures of Rob, and so without further udo, I present to you Robert's reaction about his fiasco...
...By clicking here. =P
It's a funny thing when the entire continental United States and perhaps part of the United Kingdom as well are more miffed about it than Robert himself. His thoughts are my thoughts exactly: "It was an accident". And though he didn't voice it, I'm sure what was going through his mind was something like: "Yeah. End of discussion. It doesn't matter. I'm walking here. Leave me alone. Please. Thanks. Okay, keep talking to me. And to those obsessive complusive fangirls watching this video - shut up about my personal life. No, you do not know that I have been drinking or that I'm drunk every night or that I'm ruining my career or that LA is having a bad influence on me or that I look like a clown. Thank you and goodnight." maybe those were my thoughts...
P.S. When told about his angered fandom, Robert's response of "oh, good" is now officially the best thing ever. =)


Heather said...

Nice catch. (By the way, I think the thoughts you inserted were probably pretty spot-on to what he was thinking.)

This whole thing is getting kind of ridiculous, eh?

Twilighter said...

Ridiculous is the perfect word to describe it. =P