Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For Dramatic Effect

It's Team Edward Day in Novel Novice Twilight Land (*waves Edward flag crazily*) and they posed a question related to the full-length trailer coming in October:

What Edward and Bella scene do you hope they include in the full Twilight trailer…you know how they always make it dramatic in trailers? Well, what Edward related snippet would you like to see in the trailer?

Though I would have no trouble naming about five million Edward related snippets that I would like to see, I'll try to keep it relatively brief - the key word there being "relatively".
1. A tiny, tiny smidgen of the meadow. Seriously, just a fleeting glimpse of Edward laying with his parted shirt revealing a sparkling chest would make me swoon with glee.
2. A scene from Edward and Bella's dinner in Port Angeles. I love, love, love that scene and I want to see Edward beginning to open up while Bella stabs her mushroom ravioli with a fork.
3. A part, any part, from Edward's first night spent in Bella's bed. Gah. Just gah.
4. (last one, I promise) A scene of Edward and his angry, just-been-smacked-in-the-face-with-an-unbearably-tantalizing-scent-and-now-I-want-to-massacre-an-entire-room-of-high-schoolers look when Bella first sits by him in Biology.

But basically, any scene from anywhere will make me the happiest person on the face of the flippin' earth.


Heather said...

I'm thinking the first Biology scene when they're watching the movie in the dark and trying not to rip one another to pieces (in a good way).

Twilighter said...

Yes, yes, that one too.
There are so many!

Lizette Lavalle said...

i like totally love the part where edward takes bella to school and everybody is like oh my god!!!.. and he is wearing the sunglasses and puts his arm around bellaa oh my gosh i love that scene is the besttt!!!!