Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emmett and the Bear

It's one grizzly bear of a time in this week's Twilight Tuesday because Larry Carroll focuses on the friendly and adorable Kittlez (Kellan Lutz for those of you unfamiliar with my random nicknames). He talks about a range of topics from what his character is like ("there to crack jokes and then there beat someone up") to whether he's up for the cults getting ready to follow him to Hawaii after this movie's out, and finally which book he's most excited to make into a movie (the third one, because he and Jasper get to kick some vampire booty!). You have to love how sincere and carefree this boy is. He makes me want to jump through the screen and hug him.
Warning: Please do not attempt at home.
As if that wasn't enough Twilight news candy, MTV also has an article revealing the full story of Kittlez and his gift-giving fans. Read it right here.

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