Saturday, September 6, 2008

By the Way, My Best Friend is a Unicorn

I spotted this question over at Novel Novice and I immediately thought what a splendid thing to ask:

What would it be like to have a mythological creature as a best friend?

First thing that went through my mind: IT WOULD BE AWESOME!
Second thing that went through my mind: Well, I guess it would be pretty cool.
Third thing that went through my mind: Actually, it might kind of suck...
My foremost answer is obvious enough. Ever since I was old enough to say "mommy", I've been infatuated with everything mythical. I would read about dragons and flying white horses and faeries and I would imagine them coming into this boring world to whisk me away. It would be so wonderful to forget all the fundamental things of this society, like money and politics and school, for a few moments and spend some time with a creature that defies the world we've grown accustomed to.
Of course, with something so outlandish, there must be consequences of some sort. I've always imagined that if we were to one day discover a strange being straight from our wildest fantasies, that narrow-minded section of our brains would be thrown off balance and things would get out of hand. One or all of three things would happen. One, people would try to kill it and get five times their weight in moola from it's pelt. Two, scientists and zoologists and all those curious researchers alike would pounce on it and start prodding it with needles and microscopes. Three, the government would try to keep it a big old secret of their own and cover it up with some silly explanation that would pacify the buzzing public - something like, "oh, that wasn't no loch ness monster, that was a rock." Anyway, if my best friend was, let's say, a chupacabra, and someone with a motorboat for a mouth found out, I wouldn't be in the best situation. I would want to protect him or her and that would naturally be dangerous and then if I wasn't able to do so, I would feel horrible.
To answer the question simply, having a mythological creature as a best friend would be both totally wicked and a dangerous, unpleasent burden.
An alien on the other hand...

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