Monday, September 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn: Frequently Asked Questions

Read Stephenie Meyer's carefully and thoughtfully written answers to her most frequent Breaking Dawn questions here, and do it now. They answered so many of those tiny questions gnawing at the back of my mind. And from her answers, which are mostly very long and detailed, you can tell Stephenie knew exactly what she was doing when she wrote these books - where each character would go, what they would do, how everything would play out. She had basically formed the entire plot of Breaking Dawn years ago, so there was no rush to get it out, no spontaneous plot bombs. How thoroughly she described each of the things readers were most wondering about was very inspiring and you can tell how happy she is with her final intallment whether her fans share the same love or not.


Heather said...

I appreciated her response to the anti-feminism heroism of Bella.

Herramientas Digitales said...

me too
and i would like to see breaking down in the movie theater, but i have to wait a few years :(