Monday, September 15, 2008

Stephenie Meyer Day Over at Fabulous Forks

The TwilightMoms strike again with another amazing journey into the Twilightfulness of the real world. This time the crew went and visited none other than the overcast home of Bella and Edward: Forks, Washington! They snapped some beautiful photographs of the squishy, mossy trees, the silvery water of First Beach, the lockers, biology labs, and lunchroom over at Forks High School (home of the SPARTANS!), the famous rust-red Chevy belonging to Bella, and of course a fantastic looking Bella Burger. Well dang, I only live a short drive away - wish I'd been there! I always have next year, though, right? And the next. And...shoot, Bella has the rest of forever to celebrate her birthdays. Maybe I'll get fortunate and meet a lovely and pale young man who will bite me so I can be a super strong vampire gal for eternity. Then I won't be in any sort of rush to visit Forks. Pft, I guess I'm just being wishful...
Anyway, take a look at the Stephenie Meyer Day snapshots here.

Recent Edit: I also found out that the Forks website has their coverage of the Stephenie Meyer day bash right here. It makes me so delighted to see my homestate of Washington up by it's rainy lonesome in the corner recieving a bit of publicity - especially for something as amazing as Twilight. Besides, without rain there would be no life. Where would Washington's rolling hills, green forests, mossy rocks, range of wildlife, and May flowers be without that wet stuff?

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