Friday, August 15, 2008

Whoa, Whoa, Time Out!

Twilight vs. Harry Potter. Twilight and Harry Potter. Twilight or Harry Potter? Vampires or wizards? Wands against fangs. Which will be the hit at the box office: Twilight or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Do you like Edward Cullen or Harry Potter better? WHICH WILL WIN?!

Yeah, yeah, we got it.

And now?

Twilight and Harry Potter comparisons be gone!

That's right. All that buzz about the competition between the growing Twilight franchise and the already exploding Harry Potter fandom was a royal waste of time. Why, you ask?

Harry Potter's release date was moved from November 21st, 2008 - two weeks before Twilight - to July 17th, 2009. The Twilight world is in freak-out mode about this one because the question of whether the major due-date movage was hence Harry Potter being intimidated by us crazy Twi-hards has been raised. If that is the case, it seems like an overreaction to me, considering how huge Harry Potter already is, and Twilight is just emerging. Although, Twilight is emerging with some mighty vigor.

But that's not all.

Supposedly that means Twilight's theater-hitting day has been shifted from the original December 12th to...

NOVEMBER 21st, BABY! BOOYAH! That's two whole weeks sheered off of our excrutiating wait if it is true! :D

Truthfully, the whole race to the top between Twilight and Harry Potty - er, I mean Potter - was stupid, anyway. Sure they both have big fanbases, but, really, does that mean we should compare Twilight to Lord of the Rings, too? Twilight is it's own unique thing and no other movie, no other book, no other wizard or elf or mermaid or this or that should ever be compared to it. End of discussion. Thank you and good-night.

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