Friday, August 1, 2008

"Vampires are Scary and Sexy"

Kim Stolz from MTV (okay, I've been watching her very intently through these clips, and I recognize her from somewhere. Was she on America's Next Top Model?) sits down and has some more enthralling chats with Stephenie Meyer. They discuss things such as whether the loud fans influenced her writing, her opinion on the Entertainment Weekly magazine cover (*snickers* Donald Trump's toupee on Edwards head!), and what makes her vampires so darn alluring. The question of whether Bella and Edward are going to be together in the end for certain is raised and Stephenie replies with something like, "Well, there are different types of true love and sometimes you want warm and fuzzy." Well, then. I guess we'll just have to see for ourselves how the story wraps up. After all, it is only only a few more hours until we finally have the book of all books in our clutches! =D

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