Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Twilight Moms, Twilighters, and Twi-Hards

The Twilight Mania has officially reached the ears and interest of big news. (Ooooh, aahhh.) My excitement for this flipping movie just sky rockets each time anyone - from news broadcasters to magazines to websites - mentions it and shows all the intense little clips from the trailers whilst calling it a phenomenon (that word is getting a tad old though, don't you think? I like 'extravaganza' myself).

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Heather said...

I kind of have to appreciate that she says, "There's not going to be another J.K. Rowling," (or something to that effect). It's not so much that one's books are superior to the other, it's just that J.K. Rowling paved the way, and knocked down a lot of road blocks that allow for the success of other teen fiction series (i.e., Eragon, Gossip Girl, etc.) and got more young people reading.

Twilighter said...

Yes, yes, it made me very happy when she said that. Publicists everywhere are forcing the two books into some sort of nonexistent battle, and it's really getting on my nerves. J.K. Rowling was successful. Stephenie Meyer was sucessful. That doesn't mean they have to be pinned against one another to see who is "most successful".