Friday, August 1, 2008

Trivia Questions from New Moon

I haven't reread New Moon as many times as the other two books, for obvious reasons, so I'm predicting a score of around -620 on this one...

30. What is the name of Bella’s grandmother? - Granny Swan
31. When is Bella’s birthday? - September...13th? That's what comes to mind
32. What does Charlie give Bella for her birthday? And Renee? - Camera and scrapbook
33. What do the Cullen’s give Bella on her birthday? - A stereo and I think Edward gives Bella a CD with her lullaby on it...
34. Which Cullen member attacks Bella on her 18th birthday? - Jazzy (A.K.A Jasper)
35. What color were Edward’s human eyes? - Green?
36. What were Edward’s parents’ names? - I want to say Elizabeth for his mother, but I have no clue about his father
37. Where does the other “vegetarian” vampire clan live? - Alaska
38. Who finds Bella in the forest after Edward breaks up with her? - Sam
39. What kind of car is Jacob working on? - Volkswagen Rabbit? Or some other rodent?
40. Who are Jacob’s best friends? - Quil and Embry
41. Who goes to the movies with Jacob and Bella? - Mr. Newton
42. What item of clothing does Jacob keep destroying when he transforms? - Shirt
43. What funeral does Charlie attend? - Leah and Seth's dad, I thought
44. Why does Bella do dangerous things like cliff-diving, riding motorcycles, etc? - She can hear Edward's silky delicious voice
45. Where does Carlisle teach when the Cullens leave? - Uhhhh
46. Who told Edward that Bella was dead? - Rosalie *hiss*
47. Which member of the Cullen family comes back to Forks first? - Aliceeeee
48. What kind of car does Alice steal in Italy? - Some yellow Porsche Turbo Mack 5
49. What is the name of the old, powerful vampire family in Italy? - Volturi, dun dun duuun
50. Who are the 3 ancient members of the Volturi? - Aro...Jane...Alex...? But then there's Felix and Demetri, too...gah I don't know!
51. What is Jane’s special power? - Tricks the the mind to feel excrutiating pain
52. Who votes against Bella becoming a vampire? - Edward and Rosalie
53. When did Carlisle say he would turn Bella into a vampire? - After graduation
54. What is Edward’s condition to change Bella into a vampire himself? - Become his fiancee, become engaged, MARRY HIM!

Actually, that wasn't too bad. Maybe my score was more like -214 instead, yeah? Check this site right here to take the quiz yourself. I'm moving on to Eclipse, next!

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