Friday, August 1, 2008

Trivia Questions from Eclipse

There was so much going on in Eclipse, that I don't even know how well I'm going to do on this quiz. How about we find out?

55. What school is Bella planning to “attend” in the fall? - The one that she's always been attending in Forks? o_O Or college-wise? She was getting acceptences left and right
56. What college did Edward apply to for Bella and perhaps help her to get accepted? - Dartmouth?
57. What is Bella’s astrological sign? - Virgo, hehe
58. What city seems to have a serial killer on the loose? - Seattle, baby
59. Which board game does Bella watch Edward and Alice play? - Chess
60. What does Bella help Angela do in preparation for the upcoming graduation? - Sign her announcement thing-a-ma-jigs
61. Who was the first Quileute Spirit Warrior to transform into a wolf? - Alterra something or something...
62. What did Taha Aki’s third wife do to save the tribe from a vampire? - Stab herself so the vampire was distracted by her blood
63. Who did Sam date before he imprinted with Emily? - Leah
64. What does Edward buy for Bella when she has her “slumber party” with Alice? - Geeze, I don't recall Edward buying Bella anything...
65. Which vampire from the Denali clan showed interest in Edward? Strawberry-blond Tanya
66. What was Rosalie’s last name? - I thought it was actually Hale, but I don't know
67. Why was Rosalie jealous of her best friend Vera? - She had a loving husband and a cute kid
68. Who was Rosalie engaged to as a human? - Royce, the bleeping bleep
69. Where did Jasper live as a human? - Gah, somewhere in the South. I want to say something ridiculous like Tennessee
70. What war did Jasper fight in and what was his rank? - General in that one war with the confederates...the Civil War? (obviously I need to brush up on my war history)
71. Where did Alice meet Jasper? - Okay, so for some reason when I copy and pasted these questions, there was already an answer here: a Philidelphia diner. I'm going with that
72. Who gives Bella an outfit to wear for graduation? - Lovely Alice
73. What color are the graduation gowns for Forks High? - Ugly yellow
74. Where do Charlie, Bella and most of the other graduates eat after graduation? - Logger something
75. Who throws a graduation party for Bella? - The Cullens (Alice mostly)
76. What charm does Jacob give Bella on the bracelet? And Edward? - A carved wooden wolf from Jacob, and a sprakly diamond from Edward
77. Why is Jacob so furry as a werewolf? - His hair is long (that's how Bella likes it *winks*)
78. Who is second in command of the werewolves? - Jacob
79. How does Bella break her hand? - Punching Jacob - you go, girl!
80. Who is the blond newborn vampire with Victoria when she goes after Bella? - Riley
81. Which wolf fights along with Edward against Victoria and her partner? - Seth
82. How does Jacob get hurt during the big battle? - Trying to save stupid Leah
83. What does Jacob call Carlisle when he is treating is injuries? - I dunno, bloodsucker?
84. Who shows up after the newborn vampire army is destroyed? - Volturi
85. Who was the newborn vampire who surrendered to Carlisle? - Dang it, it's there in my brain, I just can't get to it...I thought it started with an E. Emma? No...
86. Where did Edward get Bella’s wedding ring? - From his mother *tear*
1. What are some names that the vampires call the werewolves? - Pup, dog, I think mongrel or mutt
2. What are some names that the werewolves call the vampires? - Leeches, bloodsuckers, parasites
3. What is the name of the book Stephenie Meyer is working on from Edward’s point of view? - Midnight Sun
4. How did Stephenie Meyer come up with the idea for Twilight? - A dream

Fun, fun, fun. Take the quiz yourself here. I'll reveal my scores in the next post.

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