Friday, August 1, 2008

Trivia Answers

You can view the answers to all 86 trivia questions here. Alrighty then, let's take a look at my scores that would put any Twilighter to shame (myself included):

Right - 24
Wrong - 5 - The color of Bella's walls, the names of Jacob's sisters, the name of the Italian restaurant, where and when Carlisle was born, and Newton's store name

New Moon:
Right - 20.5 (I have myself half for the name of Edward's parents - I got Elizabeth)
Wrong - 4 - Bella's grandma's name, the clothing that Jacob ruins whenever he phases, where Carlisle teaches when the Cullens leave, and the oldest members of the Volturi (way off on that one)

Right - 24.5 (half for what war Jasper fought in and his rank - I got the Civil War right)
Wrong - 7 - What school Bella was going to "attend" in fall, the first werewolf, what Edward bought Bella while Alice was holding her hostage, where Jasper lived, the diner Bella and Charlie ate at after graduation (it started with an L!), what Jacob called Carlisle while he was tending his injuries, and the name of the newborn who surrendered

Right - ALL, whoo! (they were easy peasy, though)
Wrong - Zip, zero, zilch

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