Saturday, August 30, 2008

Those Lucky TwilightMOMS!

Who says Twilight is just for us hormonal teenage girls? The moms love it, too! A few of them over at had the ah-maz-ing privelege of going to set where part of the cast was spicing up the film with some "salt and pepper" - in other words, the reshoots and new scenes that we've all been hearing about.

Check out their report of Day One on the set right here. They have some super cute photos with Nikki Reed (who was so darn excited to recieve a TwilightMOM Love Book) as well as Kristen Stewart.

And check out Day Two here. Oh man! They have some fabulous pictures of Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed in costume. They look so stunning I nearly fell out of my chair.

They are a bunch of lucky ducks. I'm waiting on the edge of my chair for day three's lowdown. Supposedly they snagged some time with Robert Pattinson. Wheeee.


Victoria said...

O.k. just wondering: have you heard Bella's lullaby? If not, go to and search it. Prettiest song I've heard, EVER! I started to cry! Well, just wanted to make sure- thx!

Twilighter said...

No I haven't! I'm so going to do that. Thanks. =D