Sunday, August 31, 2008

Those Lucky, LUCKY TwilightMOMS!

So I just woke up this morning, wandered over to, and what do I see? Their beyond incredible coverage of their final day on the Twilight reshoots set. Go, go, go see it now right here! I started bouncing in my chair when I read that a haggard but loving Robert came to meet them. Then my heart practically leaped from my chest when I saw the photos of him in costume looking like the most amazing thing from those times (and with his hungry black contacts. Rawr!). And if that wasn't enough to drive us Edward fanatics into cardiac arrest, there was a very dashing picture of Robert flaunting the famous Edward smirk. *swoon* Kristen also showed up in her beautiful blue prom dress and then Kellan with his big old bear hugs. The cast seems like such a lovely bunch. Those moms had insurmountable fortune while on the sets and I am so happy/jealous/very jealous/delighted that they took back with them such a memorable experience. :D

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