Sunday, August 24, 2008

Support Stephenie Meyer!

Were you like me and once you read Breaking Dawn, your thoughts were something along the lines of, "What a great ending!"?
Come on Twilighters, show your undying support for the wonderful Stephenie Meyer and all her hard work!
How, you ask?
By visiting this blog right here created by a gang of dudes whoes wives are in love with the Twilight series. Email them at with your first and last name and the state (or country) you live in. Go, go, go!
I support Stephenie Meyer: Selene C., WA *points* That's me, and I'm on the list alongside hundreds and hundreds of others! =D

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Jeremy the Great said...

Hey, thanks for adding us to your blog, we really appreciate it. Would you be willing to post a banner on the right side of your blog near the top if I sent you one? If you could that would be awesome, but if not, that's cool too. Email me if you want to at