Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sport Your Team

Hot stuff from Hot Topic - brand spankin' new Team Edward and Team Jacob T-shirts for every Twilight fan out there. They both look amazing (though I have to say that the Team Jacob shirt looks cooler *mutters*), but this is the shirt that I want:

I guess I'm a gal for simplicity, or maybe I just don't want to choose sides...*ahem* GO TEAM EDWARD *ahem*. =) Whatever your preference, you can order yourself some Twilight apparel on Hot Topic's website here.

Note: I apologize for being a bit slooow on the news lately. But I have some excuses:
1. School is just around the corner (UGHEWGROSS.)
2. My room isn't the tidiest place in the world...
3. With summer nearing it's tragic end, friends and family naturally start trying to see each other as much as possible.
4. AP Literature and Composition SUMMER homework. We have to read a book that made me want to doze off after the first few pages - it's called Savage Inequalities. The topic sounds a bit interesting, though, so I'm hoping it gets better. Then we have to keep a complex journal about the book. And finally we have to write a letter to our English teacher talking about our wonderful literature experiences over the summer. Can you say "AAGGHHH!"?

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Silvia : ) said...

I've got it! I've "Team Edward" ( actually my mom :D ) and "Team Jacob" ( for meeee ) too! They're fantastic!