Thursday, August 21, 2008

So This Whole Jassie Thing...'s question of the week deals with our feelings towards the dealie-o that is Jassie (Jacob + Renesmee = Jassie, according to TST's complex formulas):

How do you feel about Jacob imprinting on Renesme? And, as a personal favor… when did you figure out Jacob had imprinted?

I already answered the first question somewhat in my earlier posts. Basically, I do not fall under the rather large category of people who think Jacob's imprinting on a baby is downrighty creepy and disgusting. No. It's obvious that their relationship is not yet like that. We got a nice glimpse of how it works with Quil and Claire - Quil is the impossibly generous big brother and Claire is the delighted baby sister. Both sides of the duo are in complete bliss, which makes it a healthy relationship. Jacob is nowhere near a pedophile, thanks. As for if Renesmee was the right person for Jacob to imprint on, I think so. Who else? Leah was my original possibility that would have been a nice twist. But then I remembered that Jacob and had seen her a dozen times, and the imprinting seems to happen at very first glance. That ruled that option out. There would have been no contribution to the story whatsoever if Jacob had gone off and fallen for a girl he'd spotted at the nearest mall. Renesmee was not only basically the last choice left, but it was a good one for Stephenie to make, too, in my point of view. It kept Jacob connected with Bella, but in an even more powerful sense than had previously existed (the whole forcing Bella to kiss him, mocking Edward in her presence, and being just plain inconciderate in his "love" for her was getting extremely old). He got what he deserved - a happy ending with someone to love.
Moving on to the second portion of the question. As soon as Jacob's mindset took a drastic swing and he went from wanting to murder the crused thing that was Bella's baby to having an involuntary desire to gravitate toward her as if she was glowing as bright as the sun...well right then I knew it. BAM. The book slipped from my fingers, but I knew it. Jacob had imprinted. And as I look back upon it, I see how stupid it was of me to be so darn surprised. As my dad pointed out, I think Stephenie Meyer made the baby appear as a boy in Bella's dreams so that we totally didn't see it coming. If we had known she was going to be a shining baby girl, the gears in our subconcious might have started churning.

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Heather said...

I agree, I didn't see Jacob as a "pedophile" because the possibility of imprinting on a youngster had already been set up by the Quil/Claire relationship.

The article you linked to a couple of days ago about "Getting off the Twilight Thing," or whatever that article was called talked about how Nessie was so obviously featured in this book that it's likely that she's going to try to do a Jacob/Nessie series following their relationship as a spin-off (probably with Bella/Edward appearances to tap into that fan base).

What I don't understand though is how this relationship can last long-term. Once Nessie hits seven years old (approx. 17 years old maturity-wise, I think), then she'll stop aging forever; however, Jacob (once he stops shape-shifting) will resume his aging process. I believe that in New Moon they talked about that the wolves eventually have to stop the morphing because of the physical toll it takes on them. That being said, I don't think they can have the eternal relationship that a vampire/vampire would have. (Who knows... maybe that's where the series would head?)

Twilighter said...

I was wondering the same thing. But after we thought a vampire and a human couldn't have a kid...well look what happened there! I don't remember all the details about the werewolf aging process, but I do remember Jacob saying something about stopping the shape-shifting and getting older. Is it a choice? Or do they eventually have to begin aging? Hmmmm. I do think that if Stephenie does continue the series, Jacob and Rensemee's story is the direction she would go in.