Monday, August 4, 2008

Should Jacob Leave Bella Alone?

July's poll of whether Jacob should just accept that he'll never amount to Edward and go chase after some other chick has come to an end. The results? Voila:

Yes. IMPRINT! - 83
No. Bella is HIS! - 12
I don't care... - 11

*chants* Imprint, imprint, imprint! I was kind of surprised by the amount of people who were just like, "whatev", but I'm glad the vast majority of voters were tired of Jacob pestering Bella when her heart was already for another, more beautiful and godly being. Oh, and remember my last poll waaaaaay back at the end of last month, when I hoped without much actual hope that more people would vote on my poll? It looks like my prayers that weren't reall prayers at all were answered. Last poll's total: 10. This month's total: 106! Maybe we can get even more people this time around in August, eh, eh? Pfft, as if.

August's poll - I bet you can guess what its related to: Was Breaking Dawn better than, the same as, or worse than the other three books? Remember to vote, it only takes a click of your mouse! =)

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