Friday, August 15, 2008

Satisfied with Jacob's Happily Ever After?

This werewolf question is brought to you by the lovely Novel Novice Twilight:

Were you happy by the way Jacob’s story ended in Breaking Dawn?

I have chew over this one. My initial answer is yes. Yes, I was glad by the end of the book that Jacob found someone to love for eternity who was so close to Bella. But for some reason, I feel like there's something lacking. There's a mysterious emptiness I get whenever I think about Jacob and Renesmee together, and I'm trying to figure out what it is. Maybe I secretly liked the tension and drama that was caused by the Bedwardacob triangle in Eclipse, and then when it disappeared without a fight, without a trace, it left something to be desired. Maybe it was never meant to be, in my mind, that Bella should keep Jacob as a friend. Would it have been better if Jacob had imprinted on someone who wasn't such a significant part of Bella's life so that there could be more focus on her and Edward, and Jacob could be free and go his own way? And yet, I think it was more satisfactory that Jacob, a boy so intertwined in Bella's heart, could still be close to her in the way that was meant to be. I have no problem with him imprinting on a baby, like some people do. We got to see how amazing the situation was for Quil and Claire, even though it sounded wrong when described by someone else. I am glad that he ended up imprinting, regardless of whom it was on, because after all the pain he'd been suffering through, he deserved to have a soul mate he could live a wonderful life with. It was necessary for him to see that imprinting wasn't all bad after he'd been so pigheaded and opposed to it before. I think I was tired of the endless angst radiating from Jacob wherever he went and I felt that he had to let go of Bella, but not by giving in, just by being dished a fate that couldn't possibly be defiled - and that is why I was happy with our favorite werewolf stud's ending in the long run.

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