Friday, August 22, 2008

Robert Pattinson's Buzz - Is it Well Deserved?

tMF has an incredible article on the practically tangible buzz surrounding the acting industry's funky fresh Brit, Robert Pattinson:

He reminds me of Heath Ledger: Blasphemy? Ledger's fans might accuse me of that! But when the late Heath Ledger was just starting out, he also had his share of criticism and rejection and bad press. There was a time when serious moviegoers remained decidedly unimpressed by the young actor from Australia.

Taking everything into account, I would have to say that it's Little Ashes that is at the top of my list. This indie movie has all the makings of a great film. While time alone will tell if this will be so, I have the feeling that the intensity and depth of the actors' studies of their characters will make this one of Robert Pattinson's acting showcases.

My favorite bits of his performance are things like the lost way he stands by his meager belongings at the car boot sale. He managed to say a huge amount with his posture and eyes - even from afar. Or the way he tries desperately to interact with Jeremy and certainly his moment talking to himself in the mirror.

Read it all right here. I'm very impressed with the amount of research and thought that goes into articles like these from the Moive Fanatic. With Robert Pattinson we get to stray from the continous raves calling him "a hot, dazzling vampire" and "a gorgeouse, chisel-jawed Brit". I mean, he is all those things, of course. But at the moment, with all the hype around Rob's role as a sexy vamp, journalists are only awing over his growing fanbase because he's hotstuff. Furthermore - and this is something that irks me more and more each time it's said - everyone calls the fans of Robert and Twilight a bunch of squealing fangirls. WRONG. Just because I am a girl, I am a fan, and on occasion I like to squeal, doesn't mean I don't truly appreciate the raw talent that Robert Pattinson is expressing. I'm no expert, but I know a little about acting and what makes an actor/actress believable. I'm nearly (and I only say nearly because I've been such a hardcore fan of Twilight since the books) as excited about his other upcoming projects: How To Be and Little Ashes. They aren't the easiest roles to fulfill by any marigin, and I'm super eager to see Rob test himself to the limit - there's not much doubt in my mind that he will be extremely inspirational in both. Twilight, too, even if it's a bit more generic (although you can tell Robert is trying to steer the character of Edward as far from generic as possible, and I praise him for that). Robert Pattinson has something increasingly unique about him, and that's what seperates him from some of his costars in Twilight - such as Taylor Lautner and Cam Gigandet, who are both pretty faces, but a little too every-day for my taste. Basically, I can't stress enough how much potential I, as well as oceans of other fans, see in Robert Pattinson. We're a bunch of squealing fangirls, with brains, thank you.

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