Friday, August 1, 2008

Rob Tries His Hand at Comedy and Being Gay

Let's break off from Twilight here for a minute (we'll get plently of that in just a few short hours!) and focus on the guy who will bring our lovely Edward Cullen to life: Robert Pattinson.
Not only is he a pretty face, folks - a very, very pretty face, at that - but he's got some serious talent. If you don't believe me, get your clueless behind from under that rock and over to YouTube and look up his roles. Take your pick: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Haunted Airman, The Bad Mother's Handbook (he's is a GENIUS in that one).
Now we got two more Spunk-packed movies to add to the list. One is How To Be, a British comedy coming up this year about a troubled musician (that's Rob) who struggles to form a band with his oddball pals. The trailer, which I will post below looks pretty brilliant if you ask me. The second movie, coming out sometime in 2009, is called Little Ashes and 'depicts a gay love affair between Salvador Dali, master of the avant-garde (Rob) and the dramacist/poet Federico Garcia Lorca'. That's a bold role to play right there - it has me beyond intriguged to see how Robert will go about that. I'll post some pictures of him on the set below, too. I respect how truly versatile he is and just plain unafraid to play the most farfetched rolls. He's developing this Johnny Depp sort of aura - and who doesn't love a good scissor-handed psycho/intoxicated pirate/nut-job chocolatier? I'm starting to ramble a bit (what's new), but basically, I think this is only the beginning of Robert Pattinson's successful journey through Hollywood - and NO, he will not be another Zac Efron figure. Would that pretty boy play a gay Spaniard? I don't think so.

Trailer for How To Be starring Robert Pattinson. Doesn't he look just precious? =)

Photos of Robert Pattinson on the (beautiful) set of Little Ashes. I saw a surprising amount of people commenting on how he looks horrible with the hair and the clothes. (They clearly just like him because he's Edward. Lame-o's.) I think he's looking pretty fine, myself. See more pictures here.

And you can read an article on Robert's two newest flicks on tMF here.
That concludes my Spunk Ransom = Pretty Face + Pretty AMAZING Skill segment. Thank you, and good night. (Or good afternoon, whatever. -_-)

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