Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Blog Gets a Name Makeover

That's right, I'm changing the name of my little Twilight blog here. Don't you fret - that's the only thing I'm changing (besides the wicked new layout, of course 8D). It's still going to be me and I'm still going to be posting my usual Twilightful stuff. But, I mean, come on. Everything Twilight (the old name)? Bo-ring. Twilightning (the new name)? Well, it's quite a bit more exciting, if you ask me. I'd even put it in the category of super cool. Besides, Everything Twilight is already a site - and a pretty awesome one, at that. More awesome than mine, unfortunately. I don't think Twilightning has been done. And if it has, well....I thought of it first! *hiss* Anyway, hope you like the new name, and don't be alarmed by the butt-kicking, lightning-shooting Edward and Bella with their cars as bodies up in the header. They're quite friendly. I call them Edwhiz and Bellaroo.

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