Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Man That is Edward

Just a short lil' interview with Robert Pattinson from Comic Con I found while surfing lazily around YouTube. The lady interviewing him appeared not to even know his name or something (how is that even possible?!) because she was prattling about mystery men in the beginning. "I'm here with...the man...that is Edward..." Heh. Even though the interviewer was a bit dull, the interviewee (I don't think that's an actual word. Sue me) was clearly not. The poor guy still gets pestered about how everyone hated him with passion in the beginning - a passion I never understood. He's always brushing it off with his smiles and rapier tongue, but I think it affected him somewhat. Ruined his whole reading experience, he says, way to go guys. Sheesh. And then when the fans actually saw him act, they all simultaneously went "oh, he's good..." Hmm, yeah, you should have reserved your judgement until then instead of basing it on a photo and an insignificant roll in Harry Potter. But the past is behind you, Spunk Ransom, and all the Fanpires out there adore you now. <>

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