Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's Make Today Cedric Diggory Day!

Well, with my latest Robert Pattinson fix in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I thought, why not expand on it? The more Rob the better, am I right? Anyway, while looking up Cedric Diggory on YouTube out of late night boredom, I came across a plethora of videos featuring Robert Pattinson in his Harry Potter setting (see? Harry Potter and Twilight can be pals!):

These two videos go behind the scenes of the three TriWizard Champions: Cedric, Victor, and Fleur. I find it quite entertaining - especially with Robert's famous humor.

The best interview I have ever seen (it's in two parts). Robert Pattinson is so giggly and smiley in these clips - it's extremely infectious, so beware!

Rob plus Stan equals best friends in Attack of the Bear Hug!

Another amazing interview. The interviewer has the strangest accent. But it's made okay by the wicked awesome maroon velvet jacket that Robert is wearing, and his ironic mention of Dracula before he was even cast as Edward (*gasp*).

I think I've just about OD'd on Robert Pattinson, how about you? =D

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Heather said...

That was quite an awesome Scottish accent that the interviewer had in the HP:GOF premiere at Lester Square. I kind of wonder if others are as enamored with American accents (which can't ever seem interesting in my opinion) the way that we tend to go crazy for a great British accent (or another from the UK... especially the Welsh).

Twilighter said...

Her accent is Scottish? (I obviously no nothing about accents). I love, love British accents. I wish I had one. Or an Australian accent, those are great, too.