Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Time for Us Twilighters to Give Back

One of the admins over at Twilight Extremists has put together a petition to support Stephenie Meyer and whatever she decides to do with her unfinished creation (I can't stress the word "support" enough. By signing this petition, we are in no way begging or hasseling Stephenie to write Midnight Sun for us. We're letting her know that she has fans out there who care for her as a person and not only as an inspiring author).
I signed it. I mean, if you have a friend who has been hurt or betrayed, you're going to stand beside them with a comforting hand on their shoulder whether you think their feelings are justified or not, whether you think they are making a right decision or a wrong one. We are fans of Stephenie Meyer and her lovely books, and so, in my opinion, I think we should be understanding.
Here's what I wrote alongside my name:

Though Midnight Sun would have been beautiful and I still hold out hope that she will realize that Edward deserves to have his story shared with the world, I am fully behind Stephenie Meyer and whatever she does regarding this issue. They are her own stories after all, her heart and her soul, and she has the right to do what she feels. Thank you Stephenie for all that you've given us crazy fans. =)

Anyway, if you want to jump in and give Stephenie Meyer some support, you can sign the petition by clicking here.
Twilight Extremists is ALSO launching what they call a Stephenie Meyer support book. They want us fans to write letters to expressing our gratitude and all that mushy stuff that I know we're capable of. Here's what I wrote to her:

Dear Stephenie Meyer A.K.A the wonderful author who has inspired me time and time again in my pathetic attempts at writing stories,

When I first heard that twelve entire chapters had been leaked from Midnight Sun, I was in shock. Where has respect gone in today's society? When I read your announcement, of course, I was heartbroken for the state of what would surely be a wonderful story, and for you. I have not read those chapters, even after they've been posted on your site, and I want you to know that you have many loyal fans out there who are practicing the same restraint out of the love for you and the unique characters you have brought to life. I remember when I first picked up Twilight thinking "Well, this looks like a pretty sweet book." Turns out I had been wrong. Sweet book? That's about as big of an understatement as I ever could have made! I fell in absolute hopeless love with it. I dreamed about meeting a dashing vampire in the middle of a beautiful meadow. I read New Moon and Eclipse with the same hunger and sheer vigor - hunger and vigor that I'd never felt to such an extent while reading any other book (and I am one big bookworm, let me tell you). I fell head over heels in adoration for all your characters each time I read about them. You can imagine then how high my excitement level sky-rocketed for Breaking Dawn, the book that would be the emotional finale of the saga. It's surprising how lost some people are in their own concieted worlds. Some of those downright harsh criticims in reaction to Breaking Dawn not playing out according to how THEY thought it would...well it was pretty appalling. I understand the right to express an opinion as much as the next guy, but it's like unwrapping a Christmas present from your friend, finding out it's not what you had been dreaming of, and then throwing it back in their face. When I first opened Breaking Dawn and began eating through it as if there were no tomorrow, I couldn't keep my nose out of it for a bathroom break! It was so unexpected and yet perfect at the same time. That's what makes a great read! It was what we all hoped for and more, and I wanted to cry when I read the words "the end" because it was such a beautiful ending. Anyway, this letter is getting a bit lengthy, huh? I have so much to say about how much you and your books mean to me that's it's so difficult to express it all in words! Let me end it by saying that you have my full support in whatever you choose to do next, whether it is simply spending quality time with your family, working on some other projects, or conquering Edward's tale for him and for you, not for us. The first chapter of Midnight Sun is stunning and captivating. If you were to continue with it someday regardless, I would pluck it off the shelf in an instant because Edward's mind is one that I've wanted to dig into ever since I began the series. The best luck to you, Stephenie Meyer, thank you for all that you've gifted us insane fans with!


I always have a tendency to write too darn much. Curse that constant stream of thoughts that pours from my brain like a waterfall and creates an ocean of words. =P

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