Friday, August 29, 2008

"It's Not My Redvine"

Novel Novice Twilight scored one of the most amusing interviews I've ever read with the amazing dude who will portray Sam Uley in Twilight the Movie: Solomon Trimble.

What are your thoughts on the other Twilight actors you worked with? Who was your favorite to work with? Did you bond with anyone in particular on the set?
My friend Krys Smokey-Desperado! Krys is playing Embry Call. I would actually define our bond as more than a friendship, it’s more like the awesome term ‘Bromance’ (Bro + romance.) We worked so well together that we had to be hushed when we were off camera because we were laughing. Even though we had signed these behavioral contracts, we made it a goal to make every female crew member blush. I’m saying way too much, but whatever. I got a fever due to the combination of the cold and my wardrobe, so Krys and I sought refuge in his van. We ended up playing my guitar for a few hours while his grandma nursed me back to health. Later, to keep warm, we kept having head banging competitions at random scaring anyone who was near by; all it took was one of us whispering “Rock” and the head banging commenced. All my lines were serious and Krys kept being a punk by trying to hold my hand, while on camera! We went from yelling “No! I am the Alpha Wolf!” to lisping “You’re such a Beta” while we hand combed each other’s hair. We also kept trying to touch Taylor’s wig telling him “You’re so pretty!” Oh, and all day Krys was laughing because I was trying to convince him that Taylor is a world class martial artist. Every time I said, “No dude, Taylor is seriously a ninja!” Krys would wheeze with laughter. Finally Taylor showed off a one leg back flip right in front of Krys, and Krys wasn’t even looking! For some reason I found it really funny and had to calm down in the food tent. It took me an hour because I also found it funny that no one in the food tent knew why I was laughing, everytime I tried to explain myself all that came out was, “Krys… Ha ha… and the ninja flip.. Ha ha… And his face… Ha ha… and what was up with the peanut butter breath?.. Ha ha!” You had to be there. I’m laughing as I write this … It got out of hand when Krys and I took turns trying to distract Kristen Stewart, she is a pro. I doubt she even noticed. The height of it was when I tried to toss one of my Redvines in the hood of her jacket and missed. Everybody in Twilight is dazzling.

I went through inconspicuous hisses of laughter while reading his answer on this one. It's rejuvenating to get a taste of how much normal, every-day fun these actors and actresses have on the set. Solomon sounds like a hilarious guy, and also a very sincere and thoughtful guy, at that.
Read the entire interview (it's good, people) right here.

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