Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Edward Will Make a Good Daddy

Today at Novel Novice Twilight is none other than Team Edward Day. To add to the vampire love, they've posted a very creative question of the week:

How do you think Edward and Nessie’s realtionship will be? Write about it in a paragraph or more. Create a scene involving Nessie and Edward, be creative, it can be when Nessie’s older or the age she is in Breaking Dawn.

Nessie: Hi daddy!
Edward: *eats*

Kidding, kidding. That was a joke. Just joshin'. Har har. No, no, I think it will play out more like this (I don't like writing fanfiction whatsoever so this will be suckish. Just a warning.):

"Dad, let's go hunting!" I glanced over at the piano where Nessie had been gliding her tiny lissome fingers across the keys, sending the air around us into a torrent of melodies that outmatched my own. I smiled at her, as she was eyeing me eagerly, bouncing on the bench so that her curly hair bobbled around her in an undulating sea of bronze.
"Maybe your mom should take you," I said, and my eyes found Bella standing before the window like a flawless statue, the early morning sunrays that poured through the glass bathing her in iridescence. She turned around, her pirouette-like movement stunning me every time, and grinned something so beautiful it rivaled the sun for brilliance.
"No, no," she sang, "She asked you, Edward. Take her hunting."
"Yay!" Nessie called before Bella's words had fully flowed from her mouth. She hopped from her perch, took two short strides, and then launched herself halfway across the room and plopped herself in my lap. I chuckled, and I could hear Bella's soft chiming laugh mingle with mine. Nessie touched her warm fingertips to my stone cheek. Though she talked more and more as she became exponentially older, she still prefered to use her talent, even with me, someone who could easily read her ever growing mind. I saw my face flash across her brain's projection and then I saw her saying the words "I love you."
"I love you, too." I smoothed the hair that framed her heart-shaped face, and then lifted her to the ground as I stood from the couch. "Now, how about some elk?"
"Or mountain lions! Rawr!" She bared her rows of pearl teeth in an imitation of a vicious cat. I looked to Bella with one eyebrow raised and she giggled.
Nessie suddenly decided us adults were being too slow for her, and she darted out the door.
"She's only half vampire and yet she's still faster than us," I muttered.
"Go, Edward. Have fun. I would say be back by lunch, but..." She grinned.
I took her face, which was no longer as brittle as glass beneath my hands, and kissed her swiftly. Then I too raced out the door, the house disappearing in my wake.
Nessie was already waiting at the river's edge when I arrived, her hands planted on her hips. "I beat you, I beat you!" she chanted.
"That you did."
Nessie gave me a half smile, and then backed up a few steps from the river bank. After a short time of mental calculation that was clear from the glint in her brown eyes, she took off like a rocket over the river and landed without a fault or stumble on the other side. "Your turn," she called, her voice seeming to match that of the silvery trickling made by the water as it surged past me.
Without backing up or calculating, I sailed across the blue ribbon of water, feeling unstoppable as I sliced through the air and finally landed beside my daughter at the mouth of the forest. She clapped, the sound revereberating against each tree trunk. "Go, dad!"
She seemed to be awaiting something, her chocolate eyes glowing in anticipation as they gazed up at me. A stray lock of her hair flailed in the taunting breeze.
I suddenly dropped to a menacing crouch before her. My eyes narrowed and I allowed a satisfying snarl to rip past my parted lips. "Try to run from me, little Nessie," I challenged.
She shrieked, the sound shrill with delight, and disappeared into the green maze that stretched before us. The bells of her laughter rang behind her, and I could sense the squirrels and robins scittering from her crashing footsteps. I gave her a minute's head start, inhaled her saccharine aroma, and bolted after her.
"Where, oh where could Nessie be?" I growled. I could hear her heartbeat just to my right, flitting with more energy than a hummingbird's wings. Her breaths were quick and shallow, lungs constricted with excitement. She was stopped - hiding. I had to keep from laughing to myself as crept past the cedar tree that was shielding my daughter, feigning unawarness. It was difficult, not flinching as I read her sly thoughts, not whirling about as I heard the leaves crunch underneath her creeping footfalls. My mouth twitched, fighting a smile, and as Nessie's feet left the earth in a jump, I turned abruptly and caught her in my arms, swinging her in a circle. Her screech bubbled into uncontrollable fits of laughter, which became contageous and spread to me. Being encompassed in her giggles, seeing her pink lips stretched into a wide grin, feeling the autumn leaves swirl in a dance about us - it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever experienced.
She was my daughter; we would have every day from now until the end of the world to be fierce lions together.

Er, the end. As you can see, I think Edward and Nessie will have a precious relationship. It might take Edward a little bit to warm up to the whole thing, to loosen up and play with his cute little daughter, but he's so caring and selfless - how can anyone doubt he will make a great father? :)

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very cute- def. not enough edward/nessieness in BD!