Thursday, August 14, 2008

Edward Cullen Says READ Or Else...

Wouldn't you want to hang this pretty picture of gorgeous Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen reading our favorite book to cute Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan on your wall? I know I do. Well, guess what Twilighters? We can! The American Library Association has released this as a fantastic poster avaiable for fanatical purchase at $16.00 (or $14.00 if you're an ALA member) right here. Edward, you don't have to tell me to READ twice!

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champagne246246 said...

on the first page, down at the bottom where the songs are, i saw 'fall for you' by secodhand serenade and my heart jumped out of my chest. i've been thinking for like a month that that would be the perfect song for the movie and everytime i hear it i cry it's so beautiful!!!