Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Cedric, Get Back to the Cup!"

So, I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on TV a few hours ago, wherein Robert Pattinson plays the role of the sporty and popular wizard, Cedric Diggory. It's funny - when my friends and I were chatting some years back after the movie had just been released, I distinctly remember saying, "Why did the hot guy have to die?!" At the time, I didn't really know his name, but then one of my buds was like, "Ya mean Cedric?" "Yeah." "I KNOW!" And then we were all blubbering over the decease of the hottie. I cried so hard the first time I saw the movie in theaters. The scene was made extremely dismal and awful by Cedric's father crying out "My son! No, he was my son!" over and over in the most agonized voice I've ever heard. I'm going to tear up just thinking about it! I must have watched this Harry Potter flick (for Cedric as well as the cool events such as the dragons and the lake) about five times, and I still manage to cry every time Cedric...pushes daisies. I noticed this time around how young Robert Pattinson looked back then. Upon a bit of research (and by research I mean typing 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' into Google), I found out that the film came out in 2005. Let's put my math skills to the test, shall we? If it's 2008 now and the movie was made in 2005, it's been 3 years since it's release. Rob is 22 this year, so 22 minus three equals 19, which means he was 19 when he played Cedric in GoF. There's a reason I'm in advanced math class, people. Anyway, he certainly doesn't look 19 to me, but they probably had to make him look a bit younger with makeup and such. Am I the only one who has noticed how endearing his smile is? I doubt it. Since I've become such a Spunk Ransom fan, now whenever his character pops up on the screen during Harry Potter, every last shred of my attention glues itself to him and only him, watching his every tiny movement and listening to every single word that comes out of his mouth. It's funny, maybe even a bit pathetic, but I'm not afraid to admit it. I love that guy. It's a shame he had such a small part in the movie, though I think he brought a real spark to the character. When the camera starts rolling, he just a sparkly vampire. He'll have no trouble pulling off Edward Cullen, then. Speaking of Edward Cullen, have I mentioned how excited I am for Twilight the Movie? I have? Oh. Well I'm saying it again. I mean, Robert Pattinson decked out as an inhumanly beautiful immortal creature with a dazzling crooked smile and whom sparkles in the sunshine present in nearly every scene? Yes, please!

Oh, by the way, like my new layout? =)

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Heather said...

By the way, I do like the new photos in the banner--you don't seem to disappoint with the layouts.

In regard to GoF, I'm not sure if there's ever been a better line than, "It's not a bad place for a bath." (Especially when the word "bath" is pronounced "boath" or however he says it in his Britishness.)

Twilighter said...

Well thank you. ^^ They are so much fun to make.
I do love that line! Britishness makes the simplest of words sound awesome.