Monday, August 25, 2008

Call the Plumber, There's a Leak

This has not been confirmed yet, but there are many rumors popping up saying that a big fat Midnight Sun spoiler is on the loose.
If I hear any information from Stephenie Meyer regarding this issue, I will, of course, put it up.
As of now, just be careful. I certainly, certainly do not want this book to be ruined for me and I'm sure you don't, either. I was actually a fraction more excited for Midnight Sun than for Breaking Dawn (crazy, I know). I guess it's that whole 'I love Edward' thing...

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Heather said...

I am totally geeked for Midnight Sun (in a way that I didn't think was possible after my personal disappointment with Breaking Dawn). However, I already know I'll love the story line, it's just a matter of getting to dig further into Edward's mind.

I don't think I'd mind a spoiler (I've been re-reading the first chapter she has on her website like a fiend.)

Twilighter said...

Oh man, I know. The first chaper is incredible.
I think someone said the spoiler was the first 12 chapters.
A lot of people are saying its legit.
I guess its true that a spoiler wouldn't be as bad, because we pretty much know the storyline.
Anyway. Extremely, extremely psyched for this book.

x_twilight_x said...


actually I dont think u are crazy. it happens to me too ( about waiting midnight sun more than breaking dawn). i read the first chapter ( the page is in spanish ) and now i cant wait to read it.

i like this blog and i'll be very glad if u see mine too ( i'm argentinian so the site is in spanish too XD ):


x_twilight_x said...


Twilighter said...

Hey Luciana, thank you for the comment! =D
Of course I'll check out your blog.